Why Bridal Boudoir Photography is a MUST for Him!

Why Bridal Boudoir Photography is a MUST for Him!

Bridal boudoir photography is not exactly a new trend when it comes to bridal photo shoots. It is just that not many people embraced it before as they do now. The tables have turned now however and more brides are now asking for this special kind of photography. So is bridal boudoir photography a great idea? The answer is a resounding – Yes! Well, let’s start by understanding the meaning and nature of this genre of photography, so to speak.

The first thing about a boudoir photo shoot is that it is really intimate. The bride to be wears a lot less than what she will on her big day. It is a super sexy photo shoot that involves equally sexy poses in lingerie or nothing at all. The purpose for this photo shoot is not to create sexually explicit photos of a bride to be, rather, it is supposed to bring out her femininity and her beauty in a sexy kind of way. Nudity is more implied – not intended. So, depending on what the bride to be settles on with the photographer, she may choose to wear lingerie or go completely nude but in deliberate poses that don’t show off anything either.

You only get one shot with your Bridal Boudoir photography session

Remember that this is a bridal boudoir photo shoot and that you may only ever do it once, so you want to give it your best. You will need a professional photographer for this photo shoot. It reduces the risk of not getting your once in a lifetime boudoir photos done perfectly. A specialized boudoir photographer will give you high quality results even if they may be pricier you will rest easily knowing that your husband is going to get quality photos of you. Let’s see what makes bridal boudoir photography so intimate and special.

It makes a very special and intimate gift to your husband to be. It is a gift that is literally overflowing with affection and it really brings out the personal connection that you have with this man you are about to marry. Give it to him on the morning of your wedding and enjoy watching his expression as he opens the album. It’ll be priceless.



It will reignite the spark in your relationship. If you guys had been living together before the wedding, he probably knows all the curves and edges of your body like the back of his hand. But has he ever seen it on a glossy picture? Clad in fancy lace and with that look in your eyes? Probably not. That album will most definitely get him thinking about the wedding night – and how much he cannot wait to un-wrap the real gift.

It is a nice way to freeze and frame this special time in your life. Brides want to look their best on their wedding day and so the days just before the wedding, they are at their most vibrant. A boudoir photo shoot will help you freeze these special moments and you can share them with the man of your dreams. It is a day that you will remember – so document this glorious glow and prenuptial excitement.

Lastly, it will make you as a bride feel good about yourself. It will boost your confidence levels and it is a way to appreciate the hard work you put in to looking good for your big day. The glow of your skin and the sparkle in your eye will definitely be noticeable.