Tim Tadder’s “Super Badass” Exploding Balloon Wigs

Tim Tadder, a photographer from Solana Beach California has gone viral this week with his series of exploding balloon wig photos – photos of bald men, captured at the exact moment a balloon pops on his head so it looks like a multi-colored “wig”. Tadder is an advertising photographer with a cool client list which includes Adidas, Budweiser, Coke Zero, Gatorade and more. His latest experiement exploded on the internet with millions of views of his images in less than a week.

The shots were created by placing water balloons of varying shapes on the bald models heads’ and then popping them – the camera was fired off by a sound trigger that Tim bought off the internet which is activated by high frequency sounds.

The models were recruited by placing adverts on Craigslist and Facebook.

Personally I love these images – very colorfull and a playfull style is what really makes them.

Check out the full series on his website.

Source: Adelaide Now

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