The Best Lightweight Travel Tripods Under $250

best lightweight travel tripods

Take a Look At These Lightweight Travel Tripods

The best lightweight travel tripods can easily fit into a camera bag, backpack or an airline carry-on. Photojournalists, travel photographers, wildlife shooters, boaters, hikers and anybody else who moves around with a camera bag slung over their shoulder over any kind of distance will greatly benefit from having a compact, lightweight, high quality travel tripod with them. We will discuss six exciting alternatives ranging from luxury high-tech models to basic cheap ones in the post.  If you are looking for something less expensive then we suggest you look at our post on the best tripods under $150.  Though they might not be as durable as some of the best lightweight travel tripods they are definitely a good choice for those who are looking to save some cash.


Editors Choice in Lightweight Travel Tripods

The Davis And Sanford Traverse B8

Davis and Sanford TRAVERSEB8

This tripod folds up to 12 inches, and all you have to do is pivot its legs back, and then you can easily place it in your camera bag or backpack. Not only that, but it doesn’t weigh that much and it features a dual-control ball head, and it can extend up to 53 inches. You will love how light this tripod is and how easy it is to carry around.

It features sturdy legs, which have twist locks and you can easily adjust the angle of the legs. Let’s not forget to mentioned that this tripod is extremely durable, thanks to the aluminium alloy construction. If you want to get your hands on this tripod with the carrying bag, then you can expect to pay around $90, which is a great deal, so you should consider getting your hands on this Davis & Sanford Traverse tripod.

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Best Value in Lightweight Travel Tripods

The Sunpak Video PRO-M 4

This tripod is designed for shooting video, and it is very sturdy and constructed with aluminum, and you will find that you can shoot still images with ease with this tripod. It features flip-flop legs and extends up to 65 inches and you will be able to easily store it when you’re not using it by folding it, and let’s not forget to mentioned that it features a hand crank. The self-leveling feet are impressive, and there are radial leg braces that come with the tripod, and it only weighs 4 pounds, which is not a lot. Also, you will love the fact that you can buy this particular tripod at around $77, which is a very fair price for such a high quality and well-built tripod.

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Professional Photographer’s Choice for Best Lightweight Travel Tripod

The Compact Carbon Fiber Tripod By Manfrotto BeFree

You will love the design of this tripod as it has a sleek look to it, but not only does it look good, it features sturdy 4-section legs that will provide you with a height of just over 48 inches, but you can extend the column, which will provide you with more height. In matter of fact, it can extend up to 56.7 inches. It can be folded up and easily packed away, and the load capacity is 8.8 pounds, and you will be pleased to know that there are various leg spread positions you can choose from, and those positions are 25 and 51 degrees.

There is a 200PL quick release plate, and you don’t have to worry about unwanted twisted. This is because the center column is 3-faceted. This tripod has a price tag of around $350, which may be pricey in some people’s opinion, but it is well worth the price. If you want one of the best tripods on the market, then get this one.

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The TR654C-36 By Davis & Sanford

This is a compact tripod that is ideal for travelers, and you can extend it to eye level height, and you can use your DSLR camera or your point and shoot camera with this tripod, as this is what it is designed for. It folds to around 18 inches, so storing it and carrying it around shouldn’t be a problem for most people. You will love that this tripod can be used for both indoor and outdoor shooting, and this is thanks to the rubber-to-spike feet that it features. Also, it has cushioned insulated legs, which you will appreciate.

The maximum height it can extend to is 65 inches, while the minimum height is 9 inches, and you can hang your equipment, thanks to the center post hook. The tripod only weighs 3.25 pounds, and 15 pounds is the load capacity, which is very impressive. If you want to get your hands on this amazing tripod, then you can expect to spend around $200, and this includes a carrying bag.

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Consumer Favorite Lightweight Travel Tripod

The Surui T-025X Tripod

This tripod is lightweight and it looks good, and it features carbon fiber legs. The maximum height that it can extend to is just over 54 inches, and the load capacity is impressive, as the capacity is 13.2 pounds. Also, you will love being able to shoot at low-angles with this tripod, as it has a minimum height of 10.2 inches, and there is quick release plate that you will find useful. Asides from that, you will notice that the tripod has separate knobs for functions such as tilting and pan.

There are a few other features that the tripod has, such as 4-stage legs. The fitted soft case is included and there is even a set of tools that come with it. The price for this tripod is around $240, but it is worth every dollar.

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Highest Rated Video Tripod – Best Lightweight Travel Tripods

The 4 Video Travel Angel Tripod Kit By Benro Aero

This tripod kit features a video head that has separate tilt and pan adjustments. It is rugged, durable and reliable and it features 3-section legs. If you do a lot of still photography, then you will love this tripod.

Furthermore, the legs have rubber feet. Also, one leg can easily be removed, which you can use as a monopod, and the height can extend up to 65.2 inches, which is great. You will find that it is easy to carry around, as it only weights just under 6 pounds, and there is a padded carrying case that is included. You can get your hands on this tripod for around $260.

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The Best Lightweight Travel Tripods Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few travel tripods that you should consider getting, and all of the tripods discussed above are all great, so choose the one you think will meet your needs the best. You will love being able to take extremely still images, as well as videos with any one of the tripods mentioned above. Sure, you may be able to take amazing pictures without a tripod, but if you want to take excellent action shots, then you will definitely want to use a tripod.

Plus, when you use a tripod, you will find that you will have more flexibility when it comes to shooting videos in a setting that doesn’t have a lot of lighter. If you want to get excellent results from taking photos, then get a tripod today. Order one of the above tripods discussed in this article and start using it as soon as you get it.


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