Tips for Taking Photographs in the Spring

Tips for Taking Photographs in the Spring

Great opportunities

With spring just around the corner, there’ll be some great opportunities to get some good photographs. After those short, dull, cold winter days, Spring brings fresh new life to our shores; new leaves on the trees and hedges, fields turning green, summer migrants soon arriving,and longer and warmer days, and for those of us that are taking an easter break away from home, then there’s the chance of photographing something different to what we’re used to.

So, grab your cameras, put your walking boots on and go and shoot some spectacular Spring shots.

What to photograph?

If you’re new to photography and are looking for some interesting subjects to shoot, there are the obvious ones to start with such as flowers, colourful landscapes and sunsets, and the countryside.

But, if you only think of the countryside as a place where gnats bite, trees and flowers aggravate your hay-fever, and the air lacks the carbon monoxide that you’re used to, then there’s  plenty of  photographic opportunities in our towns and citys such as great landmarks, parks and buildings.

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Flowers are always a popular choice for photographing in the Spring, not surprising really with all those vibrant colours. So when you’re photographing flowers, rather than just pointing your camera down on them, try getting down to there level for a more interesting shot, or maybe pick just one flower or bud for a close-up macro shot.

A Fickle month

Spring can be a fickle month; warm and sunny one moment and heavy showers the next. But, this is good news to the photographer with all that changeable light, and also, some dramatic skys for a good back-drop just after a heavy shower.

Be creative

So, when you’re out there looking for inspiration for something to photograph, don’t just look at the big picture, look down as well as up; water dripping off flower buds, spring rain drops in a puddle, but most of all just enjoy the season because Summer will soon follow; with more opportunities for some great photographs.

If you want more inspiration for what to photograph, take a look at the images below taken from the ‘creative commons’ on Flickr. Many thanks to all the people who allowed there images to be shared.

Spring photographs don’t have to be taken outside; this charming photograph called ‘Spring in my Kitchen’ was taken by KKmarais

Even Buenos Aires gets a Spring. A nice shot  by Longhorndave

 Australiia has a spring-time too? Nice shot of Spring blossom by dicktay2000 nice bokeh too!

Spring shed by SashaW

‘Spring blossom by the piano factory Camberwell’ by dickdotcom

‘Spring is everywhere II’ by Julija

Don’t normally think of black and white photographs in the Spring, but here’s a good one by Tripp called ‘Spring…’

‘Spring harvest’ by Vince Alongi