Step up Your Creativity with Self-Portrait Photography

Step up Your Creativity with Self-Portrait Photography

Self-portraits are not selfies. Selfies are in a category all their own, and as of recent have been a major trend. We shared a post earlier on how to shoot a proper selfie here.

Moving on to Self-Portrait Photography, when you are the model and photographer all the decisions are yours. What lighting you want to use, how to pose, what type of photo you want it to be etc. But one thing is essential a good tripod, digital camera, and a remote shutter. Now I know we have harped on who having a good DSLR or mirrorless digital camera and tripod is key so I won’t go into it again. Another good idea set your camera to continuous shooting mode, this will allow you to capture multiple photos quickly and you can keep the ones you like and delete the rest of them.

Onto the top Self-Portraits from around the web.

1. Veronika STrambini

2. Justin Gustoiz

3. Xeni Po

4. Catherine Volkova

5. Philipp Franceschini

6. Greta Tuckute

7. Olga Gabsattarova

8. Fabrizio R.

9. Robert Maschke

10. Guillermo Carballa

11. Ira Chernova

12. Regayip

13. Danielle Hughson

14. Lara Jade

15. Bernt Carlzon

16. Kate Toluzakova

17. Sabine Metz

18. Invisible Cirkus

19. Andres Thor

20. Yana Pace

21. Yana Pace

22. Andrew Studebaker

23. Bexe

24. Alexander Kan

25. Julia Caban

26. Devid Camerlynck

27. Calle Artmark

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