Soulful Photography – Capturing Emotions: 10 Tips for Success

Soulful Photography – Capturing Emotions: 10 Tips for Success

Emotions always fascinate! A perfect photo filled with emotions, whether happiness, sadness, aloofness or loneliness, attracts attention of the viewer. It pulls the viewer towards it. A photograph of a girl sitting alone in a corner with her hands tightly clasped around her knees will invoke a feeling of loneliness. Imagine the photograph of a disabled man sitting on a wheelchair with a gloomy and helpless face, and nobody around him? If photographed in a perfect way, it might move the viewer to tears. Similarly, the photograph of a child full of laughter will exude happiness and that might bring a smile on our faces too. These are the wonders that a soulful photo can create. It can move us to tears, it can make us laugh, inspire us, and do a lot more.

There are no hard and fast rules to capture emotions. You just have to be patient and be at the right place at the right time. The following points, if taken into account, will go a long way in creating those truly soulful photographs, which you aspire for.

  1.  Do not force people to smile – Every time we are about to click the capture button, we either say “Smile” or “Cheese”. Avoid doing that. It forces your subject to give a fake smile. Let them pose naturally. Forced smile never looks good. On the other hand, if the subjects are captured without posing, they will bring forth the true emotions on their face.
  2. Be patient – Wait for the right moment and take 2 or 3 shots to capture the best one.
  3. Capture players on the ground – The players playing on the ground would be full of emotions. Each will have a different emotion on his face. Try capturing those and you will land up with some amazing photographs.
  4. Capture playing babies and children – Children don’t know how to fake. Whether they are playing, or engrossed in some work of their own, or simply sitting alone, children have a bundle of emotions on their faces. Go on clicking and every time you will get a different emotion.
  5. Eyes behold emotions – When you focus on the eyes of the subject, you get a range of emotions. Our eyes speak volumes. Just look into the eyes of a dancer, there you would see a thousand different feelings. In each frame you capture, you will get a different emotion. Not only human eyes, but try to focus on animal eyes; there too you will find varied emotions.
  6. Try different intensities of light – If you do so you will get different emotions. Usually, when the light is harsh the emotions of anger and uneasiness comes to the forefront, on the other hand if there is soft lighting, the romantic feelings are awakened. So play around with the lights for different effects.
  7. Try different angles, different lenses – Try to capture the subject from different angles and also with different lenses for varied emotions.

Apart from these points, there are also a few other things that can help you in capturing soulful photographs, like familiarising with the subject you are going to capture in your frame. While shooting couples during their wedding, wait for the moments when they are totally at ease and then candidly shoot those romantic glances between them. While photographing a show, try to capture the emotions of the audience.

It is not only the face that conveys emotions, but the body language of the subject too speaks a thousand words. Analyse the subject, be patient, plan carefully and then click away.

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