Some good examples of portraits in photography

There are many ways to take a good portrait photograph; profile shots, head on, well cropped, black and white, colour, in a studio or outside. The following images show some of these styles. I hope that some of these excellent  portrait shots that I’ve chosen, might  inspire you the next time you have your camera out.

Many thanks to all those people from the creative commons on Flickr whose images I have used here.

Photo by Carlos Mendoza Lima

Photo by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz

Photo by Kaleid

Photo by Manatari

Photo by Mario M Krce


Photo by Kevin Dooley

Photo by Ibrahim Lujaz

Photo by Ibrahim Lujaz

Photo by Mpeterke

Photo by Vince Alongi

Photo by Ethan Hickerson

Photo by Carlos Mendoza

Photo by Stavros Karabinas

Photo by Chris Willis

Photo by Christofer Andersson

Photo by Imad Haddad

Photo by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel

Photo by Samantha

Photo by Douz DIOP

Photo by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz

Photo by Geomangio

© A Webber

*Featured image by Jonathan Thomsen Photography

  1. Some great ones in there Tony.

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