Solar Powered Camera Strap, Really?

I love the idea of walking around with my camera taking photos knowing that the power in my battery is constantly being charged by the suns rays.

A Great concept, but could it become a reality? Well, the designer of the Solar powered camera strap Weng Jie  hopes it will. The idea seems so simple.

Only problem is you can’t charge batteries while they’re in the camera.

Weng Jie’s device runs the power generated by the strap into the camera’s DC-in socket via cable. This would let you use the camera as long as the light is bright, but there’d be no buffer if the Sun were to dip behind a cloud, but these are mere details.

There is a potentially lucrative market for a product like this, and I’ll bet there’s a lot of head scratching going on out there on how to make it realty, and if they do, I’ll be first in the queue


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