Rollei Fotopro presents X-5M & X-6M tripods



Rollei Fotopro presents two new tripods made of carbon and magnesium, named fotopro Rollei X-X-5M and 6M. With an installation height of 1.48 meters, the X-5M Carbon tripod weighs including ball just a little over 1.3 kilograms. The ultra-light and really well-made carbon fiber tripod has a ball and can be loaded with up to 15 kilograms.


The shoulder stand is made of magnesium, which the tripod with increased stability saves an enormous weight. The head design is not only technically beautiful, you can adjust the strength of running the ball well. A simple wheel in a beautiful metallic look regulating this mechanism. For precisely aligning the tripod is located on each upper leg segment, a Scala to centimeter accurate adjustment. At a minimum working height of 13.5 centimeters and a pack size of only 42.5 centimeters, the X-5M is the ideal companion for the professional tripod. Just outdoor fun with a lightweight and sturdy companion: The rotation mechanism can be locked in the leg segments are optimally operated with gloves in cold weather. This is also the mechanism that alters the leg angle. Kept beautifully simple secures the lightweight carbon fiber high stability.


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