Realistic Photo Manipulations By Erik Johansson

Realistic Photo Manipulations By Erik Johansson

If you own a digital camera the chances are that you have manipulated your photos by using some kind of editing software. Maybe your photo was a little over exposed and just needed a little ‘burning’, or perhaps some cropping to cut out that lamp-post that’s spoiling an otherwise nice pic.

Just like anything else, using editing software such as Photoshop is a skill that is learned over time. But there is someone who has taken photo manipulation to a new level. His name is Erik Johansson.

Although his work has been around for a little while there are still many who haven’t heard of him.

‘Erik Johansson, has been taking the blogosphere by storm by producing heavily manipulated photographs which invert aesthetics as we understand them, inspired by MC Escher and surrealist artists.

Now aged 27, he has already been bombarded with offers of work following a wave of interest from blogs and design magazines after he published his innovative photographic work on his website.

Instead of shying away, as some photographers do, from revealing the intense levels of Photoshop work done on the images he produces, Johansson is proud of the technique he has developed and says it is “somehow different from other kinds of art”.

He has developed a specialist design technique that tricks the eye and the brain. His work is humorous and playful, but can also be quite hard-hitting and political.’

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