Tips for Putting Colour in to Your Photography

Tips for Putting Colour in to Your Photography

Colour interest

Colour can add interest and emotional impact to your photographs; vibrant reds, oranges and yellows evokes energy while blues and greens are restful to our eyes.


A popular subject of coloured pencils well captured by Capture queen

Primary colours

The human eye is drawn to contrast in a photograph, along with its symmetry. One way of adding contrast is by using  opposite primary colours of the spectrum to your images such as red against green, or yellow against blue, these contrasts in colour can hold a veiwers attention.

Vibrant blue contrasting with the yellow  and the crisp, sharp lines gives this image real visual impact, a well taken image by Khalid Albaih

Isolate your subject with colour

Look for bright, vibrant colour on a neutral background, even a small amount of colour on your subject isolated from a neutral background gives real impact to a photograph.

The wonderful colours of the trees against the blue sky really makes this picture stand out, image by Christopher Gosselin

Natural colours

Nature contains harmonious colours, just look at autumn trees, animals, and the colourful plumage of birds such as the peacock at the bottom of the page, but don’t just look at the big picture, insects such as the Dragonfly have really bold colours when seen close-up.

A beautiful macro shot with amazing colours by Spettacolopuro

Pastel colours

Its not just the bright primary colours that makes an interesting photograph, muted pastel colours can add a softness and restful mood.

This tranquil scene of soft pinks and light blue was taken by Kevin Dooley


Whatever you like to photograph, colour, chosen wisely, with good composition, will reflect mood and will make your photographs really stand out.

Wonderful colours of a peacock displaying by Irargerich

Colourful bird plumage by Ana Cotta

Water drops by Dima Bushkov

Awesome sunset by Pilottage

*Featured image by Kaibara

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