25 Amazing & Colourfull Photos of Parrots

25 Amazing & Colourfull Photos of Parrots

Parrots are beautifull birds and they seem made for Photography with their many colors and distinctive looks. Thanks to the following Photographers who allowed us to share their Photos under a Creative Commons License. Hopefully the following photos will inspire you to take a trip out in search of a Parrot …

PS. I’m aware that technically, not every one of these is a Parrot!

Graduation portrait

Graduation portrait by alumroot

Someone asked for Pink…lol

Someone asked for Pink…lol by law_keven

Colorful friends

Colorful friends by Tambako the Jaguar


Arara-de-barriga-amarela by Rodrigo_Soldon

Sticky Beak

Sticky Beak by Aussiegall

Cool But Not Cool

Cool But Not Cool by shashchatter

African Parrot

African Parrot by digitalART2

He was Sad..

He was Sad.. by mohammadali

Wait for your turn

Wait for your turn by Swamibu

A Pair of Ecuadorian Amazon Red-Lored Parrots

A Pair of Ecuadorian Amazon Red-Lored Parrots by Steve – 800,000 Views Thanks

This Parrot Is Not Dead!

This Parrot Is Not Dead! by peasap

Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot by digitalART2

Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t Try This At Home by shashchatter


Parrot by Etrusia UK

A White Parrot

A White Parrot by Swamibu

Wild Parrot

Wild Parriot by artolog

Zack and Yellow

Zack and Yellow by Aftab

Loro Barranqueros – Burrowing Parrots

Loro Barranqueros – Burrowing Parrots by Schepers

Into The Light

Into The Light by digitalART2

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet by iansand

Four Friendly Parrots

Four Friendly Parrots by olivcris


Macaw by country_boy_shane

At a parrot’s glance.

At a parrot’s glance. by pattoise

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty by …-Wink-…

King Parrot

King Parrot by Tatters:)

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We love seeing what our readers have shot – do you have any photos of Parrots ? Share them in the comments below …

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