Photokina 2012 – Sony’s Got Some Big Surprises

Steve Huff had just met with Sony and they brought him toys to play with. He can’t tell anything about them yet but he is really excited. Here’s a snippet on what he has to say after the short visit from the company.

What I can say is Sony will most likely be the most talked about at Photokina this year. What they have in store will knock some socks off, trust me. I saw one item in particular that has NOT leaked in the slightest and threw me for a loop. Beautiful… and I am going to pre-order the day it is available to pre-order.

Aggressiveness in the mirrorless department has been good for Sony. Their Nex-7 is praised well. I hope the new release will be at par or better than the Nex-7.

Click the source if you want to read more from his meeting with Sony and if you got any details on what Sony will be showing at Photokina 2012, hit the comments below.

Source : SteveHuffPhoto

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