Pentax Ricoh Summer Cashback Offer




Pentax Ricoh are tempting you with a new summer cashback offer for a range of their DSLR’s, mirrorless and compact cameras. The cashback offer runs from 4th May 2013 – 27th July 2013.

”PENTAX RICOH IMAGING UK LTD is helping consumers get in to the summer spirit with the launch of its fantastic cashback promotion across its range of DSLRs, mirrorless and compact cameras.

With PENTAX cameras, whether you’re a photography professional looking for a top quality DSLR or a family in need of a robust compact for your summer holiday, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

The cashback campaign will run from 04 May 2013 – 27 July 2013.

Click here to download all the information they need to claim their cashback. Alternatively, they can contact the PENTAX Support Line on 0844 770 2206 for assistance.”

Product Cashback (£)
K-5II body only 40
K-5II + 18-55mm WR 70
K-5II + 18-55mm WR + 50-200mm WR 70
K-5II + 18-135mm WR 85
K-5IIs body only 40
K-30 body only 35
K-30 + DA-L 18-55mm 40
K-30 + DA-L 18-55mm + DA-L 50-200mm 40
K-30 + DA-L 18-55mm + DA-L 50-300mm 40
K-30 + 18-55mm WR 60
K-30 + 18-55mm WR + 50-200mm WR 60
K-30 + 18-135mm WR 70
MX-1 Silver or Black 40
WG-3 or WG-3 GPS 20
Q10 + 5-15mm lens 40
Q10 + 5-15mm + 15-45mm 40


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