Leica Releases New Version Of Its TL Camera With Faster AF and More Performance

Leica Releases New Version Of Its TL Camera With Faster AF and More Performance

Breaking News Leica Announced today that is updating the TL Camera Line. It is going to come with More storage and even faster Autofocus. Best Feature yet is that it is going to be available in Leica’s Titanium finish, one of the most popular finishes in their line up. Don’t worry you can still get it in silver or black if you want.

The Leica TL Camera – Whats New?


The Leica TL was brought into this world almost 2.5yrs ago in early 2014. The main purpose of the tL was to bridge a large gap in the camera line up. They needed something that could fill the gap between the compact camera line and the higher end M-series cameras. Introducing the TL camera line. Today the TL is major updates in performance and the way it looks.

The Leica TL Camera Performance Upgrades


The sensor remains the same with the APS-C CMOS crop sensor, but they have stated that the Camera’s autofocus performance has been dramatically improved, mostly noted in continuous AF-C. They also equipped the Leica TL Camera with 32GB of internal storage to allow you to shoot without an SD card.


On the back of the camera Leica placed a 3.7in touchscreen display. This is where you will find all of the menu options and the digital viewfinder. The TL doesn’t have a built-in eye-level viewfinder, just the digital viewfinder. Another Bonus that was added to the TL is an integrated Wifi module that works seamlessly with their revamped Leica mobile app. The new Leica mobile app offers up wireless photo and video transfer and can act as a trigger for a wireless remote to take pictures with the TL camera.

Leica TL Camera Lens Options


The TL lenses are still limited to six lenses, however Leica SL lenses can now be fitted when an appropriate adapter is used. The M and R lens adapters work well too.

The Leica TL Digital Camera Price


The newly updated Leica TL will be offered for sale at $1695 and come in three main colors, silver, Black, and our favorite Titanium. The titanium model offers chamfered edges for an additional flare. The most affordable lens for the TL is still the Vario-Elmar-TL 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH kit lens, which comes in at $1650. Bringing total price up close to $3300.

Is it Worth the Upgrade?

So is the New Leica TL worth the upgrade? That is yet to be determined. We will have to save that opinion for a full review when the camera is released to the public.