MS Optical R&D Releasing Sonnar-inspired Sonnetar 50mm F1.1 MC

For those unfamiliar with the lens creator, MS Optical R&D is a camera workshop in Chiba, Japan headed by Miyazaki Sadayasu. They’re known for adapting various lenses to the LTM and M-mount. More recently, they’ve become famous for designing and producing their own lenses. The 1.1/50 Sonnetar is the latest design that will have a limited production and be sold in Japan. Those who wish to purchase the lens outside of Japan can order through exporters like Japan Camera Hunter.

Their latest lens, the 50mm f/1.1, is priced at around $1,400. Not bad for a f/1.1 lens. Of course, this lens is not for everyone. Despite it having a very nice opening, not everyone can really utilize this kind of glass.

Read the source link for more information regarding this lens.

Source : JapanCameraHunter

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