Leading Lines for Composition in Photography: 25 Excellent Examples

Using leading lines for composition in your photos is a great way to draw your viewer’s eyes in a make them focus on the subject of the image. Leading lines can be found every where and the skilled photographer uses these in their composition – examples can be buildings, roads, the shore line at a beach, walls, shadowns, patterns in the sky; there is no limit to where they are found.

In today’s post, lets take a look at some great examples of photos that use this technique to better understand it.

“I only have eyes for you”

“I only have eyes for you” by WarzauWynn

128/365 Industrail Railroad tracks

128/365 Industrail Railroad tracks by Maarten Takens

Seconds Of Frozen Time

Seconds Of Frozen Time by Martin Gommel

Sunrise on the Boardwalk

Sunrise on the Boardwalk by arturodonate

Walking the Millenium Bridge

Walking the Millenium Bridge by grytr

Her Heart’s Like Tender Platinum

Her Heart’s Like Tender Platinum by Thomas Hawk


beach by Wolfgang Staudt

gehry’s flow

gehry’s flow by the measure of mike

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park by Wolfgang Staudt


Bronx_01 by Pro-Zak


Diptych. by digitalpimp.

Tree Lined Lane

Tree Lined Lane by swainboat

Silver Sands State Park: Post-Sunrise

Silver Sands State Park: Post-Sunrise by mbaglole

World War 2 Memorial

World War 2 Memorial by dbking

Forest Fire | Croatan National Forest, NC

Forest Fire | Croatan National Forest, NC by The Uprooted Photographer

Road to the Barrels

Road to the Barrels by Carlos Madrigal


Escape by Sushicam


Repetition by Peter E. Lee

Leading lines at fountains abbey.

Leading lines at fountains abbey. by Rob Ellis’

Revolution SF, Occupy San Francisco

Revolution SF, Occupy San Francisco by glennshootspeople

165/365. Calling All Angels.

165/365. Calling All Angels. by Anant N S (www.thelensor.tumblr.com)

Broadway Lights Leading to the Gift Shop

Broadway Lights Leading to the Gift Shop by -Jeffrey-

A Cold Winter Day

A Cold Winter Day by familymwr

Capital Dome

Capital Dome by familymwr

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone by davidyuweb

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