Justin Bieber’s Photographer Gets Interviewed

I know a lot of people hate on Justin Bieber because of his music. Keep in mind though that he didn’t reach this level of popularity without the support of millions. With that in mind, it’s quite common for celebrities to have personal photographers to capture every valuable moment that fans crave for. Justin Bieber is no excuse from that. Mike Lerner is his official concert photographer. He follows Justin throughout the globe to document what’s happening during the concert.

Petapixel recently did an interview with him and he has a couple of interesting things to say about how he got the job and what gear he uses. Even if you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber’s music, a concert photographer’s perspective can shed some light if you plan to specialize in that field. Click on the source to read more about Mike Lerner’s interview.

Source : PetaPixel

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