iPhone 5 Prototype Video Leaked – Real or Fake ?

A video emerged the other day purportedly showing the new iPhone 5 being displayed and then switched on – the operating system couldnt be shown because as the new iPhone will have a new connecter port which the person in the video doesnt have, so it just shows the connect to iTunes screen.

The new phone is the same width as the iPhone 4s but has a taller display, the front-facing camera has been moved to the exact center as opposed to slightly to the left of the earpiece as it is now.

Even if this shows a fake phone as most people are thinking, the new iPhone 5 will have a new connector port which I find annoying and a cynical move. With the new port, apple have rendered years of accessories obselete – chargers, docks, in-car connectors – none of them will work with the new iPhone unless someone can release an adapter. Was this move because of lobbying from accessory makers? or is there a good reason for changing the port ?

Here is the video in full, what do you think – real or fake ?

Source: Mobile Syrup


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