Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath in Photos

As Hurricane Sandy dissapates, it leaves behind a massive trail of destruction. TheAtlantic has published a gallery of shocking photos which show the extent of the damage caused.

The New York Blackout

Homes flooded on the New Jersey Coastline

Destruction from Sandy on Route 35 in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Homes surrounded by sand washed in by the storm

Several feet of sand covers Tradewinds Lane

Football field littered with Debris

Rockaway boardwalk in the heavily damaged Rockaway section of Queens

Men dispose of shopping carts full of damaged food

Fallen trees on top of parked cars in Queens, New York

Homes and businesses burned down in the Rockaway neighborhood of Queens

People embrace after looking through the wreckage of homes

The John B. Caddell, a 700-ton water tanker, grounded in New York

Damaged rollercoaster that once sat on the Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights

Robert Bryce sets up a U.S. flag he pulled from rubble

Destroyed homes at Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Source: TheAtlantic

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