GoPro’s Game Changer The New GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro’s Game Changer The New GoPro Karma Drone


GoPro has been touting its new drone for quite awhile now.  Almost so long that we all forgot about it.  GoPro Made it official yesterday at Photokina 2016.  The GoPro Karma is here and boy is it impressive.  We have all seen the trailer videos before the official release of the Karma making us wonder how they can shoot shots like that with a drone.  Now we no how.

The Karma will go on sale at the end of October for $799 without a camera and for $999 with a GoPro Session or $1099 with the new GoPro Hero5 Camera.  One of the things that make this drone unique is the fact that it comes with a backpack the whole unit fits into.  Make it super simple to take with you anywhere you go.


GoPro Karma Features

  • 3 axis stabilizer with a Hero Black Harness
  • Stabilizer grip similar to the DJI Osmos+ for handheld shooting
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • One Touch Home and Take off features
  • Live Camera Feed
  • You can Use App for dedicated camera operation
  • Selfie mode, Cable cam, and Orbit modes
  • Folding blades
  • 20 minuted flying time


GoPro Karma Review

One last thing to note is that unlike all the other drones on the market GoPro decided to put the camera on the front of the drone not underneath.  Guessing this is because there are no blades to possibly obstruct the views while shooting video or taking photos.  Maybe GoPro did this to differentiate themselves in highly monopolized market where other drone manufacturers are dominating.  What ever the reason was The Karma has the looks and checks all the right boxes.  Stay tuned for an official GoPro Karma Review in the near future.


For more information on the Karma head over to GoPros website.



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