Giotto’s announces YTL Series Tripods

Patented Design

Giotto’s has launched a brand new range of tripods featuring a totally unique, patented design – enabling a 30% space saving while maintaining full strength, stability and weight capacity.

Compared to the traditional design which simply uses a round tube, the new Y-shaped column lets the tripod’s legs hug a little closer when folded away. And the new design doesn’t compromise the tripod’s stability or strength either.

Key Features

  • Y-Tube centre column – when folded the tripod is 30% more compact when compared to a similar size regular tripod
  • Graduated Leg Markings – on the lower leg sections to ensure when set up the tripod will be level
  • QEL – Quick Easy Lever leg locking system, lets you extend or shorten a leg without taking your eyes off your subject
  • Leg Angle Adjustment Locks – 3 positions so the tripod can be operated at low level
  • Bubble Level – Available on vertical columns tripods only
  • Tripod Thread – used to join your tripod and head can be swapped from 3/8” to ¼” making it compatible with alternative tripod heads
  • Short Centre Column – included with YTL 93/83 tripods , for use in their lowest position. Ideal for low level macro photography. Optional short column will be available for YTL 92/82
  • Spiked Feet – optional spiked extra – for improved stability. A removable rubber foot covers a metal spike

The range includes 12 models offering 3- or 4-section legs, conventional 2-way or tilting centre columns, and weight capacities from 5 to 10 kg.

They’ll be on sale from mid-January, with at prices starting from £100 ($159.00) for aluminium models, or £220 ($349.00) for carbon fibre.

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