GDT Photographer Of The Year 2013 Winners

GDT Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Winners

Dozens of images made it through to the final round of the Nature Photographer of the Year 2013 competition, organised by the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT). Pictures were submitted in the mammals, other animals, plants and fungi, landscapes, nature’s studio, and this year’s special category, animal portraits.

Here are some of the amazing photos from the winners:

‘Birds’ category wiinner: Bernd Nill

‘Birds’ category, runner-up: Michael Lohmann

‘Mammals’ winner: Hermann Hirsch

‘Mammals’ runner-up: Klaus Echle

‘Mammals’ third place: Christoph Kaula

‘Other Animals’ ¬†Winner: Klaus Tamm

‘Other animals’ runner-up: Karsten Mosebach

‘Plants and Fungi’ Winner: Ariane Muller

‘Plants and Fungi’ runner-up: Jaochim Wimmer

‘Landscapes’ Winner: Sandrs Bartocha

‘Landscape’ runner-up: Sandra Bartocha

‘Natures studio’ Winner: Sigi Zang

‘Natures studio’ Runner-up: Katharina Becker

‘Special Category’ Winner: Klaus Echle

‘Special category’ runner-up: Carsten Ott

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