The Benefits of Full Frame Digital SLR (DSLR) Cameras

Full frame digital SLR cameras were very expensive until about a year ago, and they were considered luxury cameras for professional photographers. Competition between the major manufacturers has driven prices down, and there are now many affordable full frame DSLRs on the market. Nikon, Canon and Sony have all launched full frame DSLRs aimed at amateur photographers in the past twelve months. Competition has driven manufacturers to produce full frame cameras packed with features, and there has been a revolution in technology.

The size of a sensor inside a digital camera is one of the key components in the quality of images it can produce. Small sensors have limited ability to capture detail, and they perform poorly in low-light conditions. Full frame sensors are the equivalent size of 35mm film, and they can capture amazing levels of detail. Many photographers look for the highest number of megapixels a camera can record when upgrading to new equipment, but a large sensor is usually the more important feature to look for.

Full frame digital cameras are perfect for all types of photography. They can produce stunning levels of detail in landscape pictures, and the sensors ensure pin-sharp pictures and perfect color rendition for portrait and nature photography. The ability to work in low-light conditions makes full frame DSLRs great for shooting indoors.

It’s important to buy the best lenses you can afford to get the best from a full frame DSLR. The level of detail the sensor records means that flaws in cheaper lenses will be exposed. There’s little point in investing in an expensive camera and then spoiling the results by using a cheap lens. Independent lens manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron are now producing some amazing lenses, but always read independent reviews before purchasing.

Photographers should also consider upgrading memory cards when switching to a full frame camera. The higher image resolution means that memory card capacity is filled more quickly by full frame sensors. Memory cards also need to work faster to process and capture images.

The Nikon D800 is one of the highest specification full from DSLRs currently available. As one of the highest resolution cameras ever developed, the Nikon D800 can produce exceptional image quality. Many professional landscape and nature photographers are upgrading to this incredible camera.


Nikon recently launched the full frame D600 to expand its range. Aimed at photographers with a lower budget, many experts regard the D600 as the best value Nikon camera ever produced.


The Canon 5D took the digital camera market by storm when it was launched in 2008, and it still remains very popular today. Although it lacks some of the features of more modern DSLRs, the Canon 5D delivers image quality to rival many cameras launched in the past year. The 5D remains the choice of many professional photographers, and its ergonomics and design have won it many loyal fans.


The Sony Alpha A99 is another amazing full frame DSLR. The magnesium alloy body and translucent mirror technology means that the Sony Alpha A99 is one of the lightest professional cameras on the market. The A99 is one of the most expensive DSRLs available, but its combination of image quality and innovative features means that experts regard it as a camera worth considering.

Upgrading to a full frame DSLR can take your photography to the next level. If you are considering turning professional you need the image quality of one of these amazing cameras.

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