Top 10 Free Design, Animation & Image Editing Software for Macs

Top 10 Free Design, Animation & Image Editing Software for Macs

The Mac platform is easily one of the most computer systems for designers and savvy developers looking to create intuitive and modern publications, sites, and programs. While many of these programs are expensive and difficult to use, there are plenty of free programs that can be used by any Mac user without spending a small fortune. The following 10 are among the best free programs available for the Mac.


GIMP is by far one of the most popular design programs available for the Mac. Often compared to Photoshop, GIMP is a great solution for photographers who have photos to edit and manipulate. The product is also compatible with plugins, advance scripts, and other features for users who want to take their photos to the next level.

DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is a great solution for those who need 3D imaging capabilities. Using the software is fantastic for both artists looking for realistic creations, as well as architects, business workers, and others needing a practical tool for mockups.

Image Tricks

If you have pictures you would like to make a bit more interesting, Image Tricks is a simple program that makes it easy to apply various filters. These filters are great for making fun photos for printing or web publication.

Front End Digital Media Workshop

This powerful product, Front End Digital Media Workshop, is an easy way to batch convert media files. Easily change images to JPEGs, GIFs, and more.


A great product for children who want to use the computer for drawing and sketches, Scratch allows everyday users to make simple animations and fun games. The product is incredibly easy to use, which makes it popular with users of all ages.


If you are looking to alter the colors of a photograph, Colorate is a simple tool that fits the bill. By either creating a custom color palette, or instead working with the existing colors of the image, users can change the overall look of the photo and make an entirely new product.


Users who are familiar with AutoCAD will love the functionality of ArchiCad. Offering many of the same features of the aforementioned product, ArchiCAD is available to users for free.


Pixelmator is a fun tool that offers many of the same capabilities of more advanced products, such as Photoshop. This tool is great for creating abstract images, editing photographs, and much more. It is also modern and sleek, making it fun to use on any Mac.

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is yet another solution for the designer who wants to create and view illustrations in 3D on the Mac. The product is incredibly intuitive, making it easy to learn.

Comipro Plus

Comipro Plus is arguable one of the most advanced and fun tools for those who want to create comic strips and anime illustrations on the Mac. The product is incredibly easy to use, and the results it produces are amusing. The only drawback is that the software is in Japanese, although it can be navigated by English speakers through trial and error.

This guest post is by David Ritchie, a freelance technical writer interested in Mac YouTube downloader software reviews.

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