Excellent Strobist Photography Examples

Excellent Strobist Photography Examples

A Strobist is a Photographer who makes use of off camera flash (OCF) to achieve a more dynamic photo. OCF produces a result that is more pleasing to the eye than if the flash is used on top of the camera. There is no “correct” position for an off camera flash so you can experiment with different positions to see what results you get. All artificial lights, such as portable flash guns or studio lighting have become known as  ‘Strobes’ and tha’ts how the term ‘Strobist Photography’ was coined. Let’s take a look at some great examples of this type of Photography …

Man on a street corner Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Man on a street corner Puerto Penasco, Mexico by geroco

Meaw Meaw

Meaw Meaw by Sergiu Bacioiu

Seven Up, Ice and a Slice

Seven Up, Ice and a Slice by nickwheeleroz

La reina de África

La reina de África by azuaravaconmigo

Surreal Sun (69 of 365) [Explored]

Surreal Sun (69 of 365) [Explored] by lighthack


Butterfly by nickwheeleroz

Ashley B. ’12 | On The Road Again

Ashley B. ’12 | On The Road Again by Sean Molin Photography

Day Eighty Six

Day Eighty Six by Dustin Diaz

Outrun The Gun

Outrun The Gun by Aaron Van Dike | www.aaronvandike.com |

DJ Darku J

DJ Darku J by Ben Chau

Becca Tate

Becca Tate by Garrett Coyte | www.GarrettCoyte.com


Andrea by Astragony

Knock Out

Knock Out by Severin Sadjina

Saint Nicholas ~ Explored ~

Saint Nicholas ~ Explored ~ by Sergiu Bacioiu

Kiting on Tatooine

Kiting on Tatooine by deadstar 2.1

Rakan A. ’12 | Skywalker

Rakan A. ’12 | Skywalker by Sean Molin Photography

Teacher and students

Teacher and students by deadstar 2.1

Jump !

Jump ! by Martin Gommel

Anna at Chango’s Bar, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Anna at Chango’s Bar, Puerto Penasco, Mexico by geroco

The badgirl, and the poor Teddy..

The badgirl, and the poor Teddy.. by lator

A Puzzle of Paint

A Puzzle of Paint by brentdanley


Vannessa by Sergiu Bacioiu


Rocketship Park

Rocketship Park by Neil Kremer

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine by Dustin Diaz


Dominic by Sergiu Bacioiu