DJI Inspire 2 Drone has Two Cameras

DJI Inspire 2 Drone has Two Cameras

DJI has done yet again. Just when you think they can do no more, they release yet another show stopping drone, the Inspire 2.  Man I really feel sorry for GoPro now. DJI has done all but monopolized the drone market, they have won over the hearts and wallets of entry level and prosumer drone buyers with the new Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro drones why not go after the professionals with a brand new, faster, smarter, better commercial drone.

dji inspire 2 drone

When they introduced the Inspire 1 back in November of 2014, DJI stated that they wanted consumers or hobbyist filmmakers to have the same power that hollywood did for its films. Guess what even though the Inspire 1 beckoned a premium price DJI held up there end of the bargain.

Since then DJI has released several powerful drones to flood the drone marketplace several of which are still below the price of the Inspire 1. Some of which could offer cinematic footage good enough for everything but super high end film making. So why not fill that gap? They did today with the Inspire 2, an improved version of the Inspire 1 with features every high end film maker desires.

The Inspire 2 is Stronger, Faster and Better

DJI made the Inspire 2 stronger and more powerful than before. They replaced the old body with a new magnesium-aluminum one that increases the stiffness of the quadcopter while shaving off weight. The previous top speed of 50mph has been surpassed by 17mph for a top speed of 67 mph!! Not common sense would tell you that with speeds that fast battery life would suffer. Nope, wrong, battery life has actually increased as well from 18 minutes to 25 minutes.

Inspire 2 has a top speed of 67 mph!!


Ready for more. The inspire 2 drone can go sky high with a flight height of 16,400 feet. That is almost up there with the Boeing 747 jumbo jets. Even more they added self heating dual batteries that allow the drone to fly in cold and freezing conditions without a problem.

Wait two Cameras??

But wait there’s still more. The DJI drone has not one, but two cameras on the Inspire 2. The unit has the standard camera located underneath the quadcopter that is connected to DJI’s proven three-axis 360 degree gimbal for capturing video. The second camera is a two axis front facing camera designed to allow the pilot to always see where the drone is going regardless of where the other camera is filming. The system was primarily designed this way for dual operators: one pilot, one director for filming the action. Best part about this is that each pilot would receive their own live video feed. How sweet is that?


If you are operating the Inspire 2 by yourself DJI has added some autonomous navigation and computer vision to help you get the perfect shot. Just like its smaller counterparts the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4, the Inspire 2 is now equipped the same sensors to allow it to see and avoid any obstacles it may see. Vision sensors are placed on the front, back, and bottom of the drone, while the top of the drone is equipped with Infrared sensors. The inspire 2’s computer vision and active tracking allows you to lock onto a person or thing and the camera will rotate to keep them in the frame while the aircraft flies in another direction.

DJI Inpsire 2 Camera Options

DJI has designed a new post shoot processing system for the Inspire 2 designed specifically for professional filmmakers. It is called CineCore 2.0, and it can capture 5.2K video at a whopping 4.2Gbps. In order to collect all that data the Inspire 2 has a built-in SSD. The Inspire 2 drone comes with two camera options, the Zenmuse X4s or the micro 4/3 X5s camera. The Zenmuse X5s has a micro 4/3 sensor and supports up to 10 different interchangeable lenses including zoom lenses and 45mm prime lenses. All while also offering video compression formats for the film making pros like CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes. If you are an aerial photographer don’t worry there is DNG RAW mode that captures 30 megapixel still photographs. All while capturing broadcast worthy live streams right back to you or your local news crew.

How much is the Inspire 2 going to Cost

The DJI Inspire 2 has starting price of $2,999 and up considering which camera and lens options you select. Definitely not a beginner level priced drone, but given its added features and options it will most likely become a staple on all movie sets from here on out. For more on the new Inspire 2 check out a behind the scenes look of the teaser films made for the drone here.