30 Creative & Inspiring Workspace Photos for Labor Day

Today is a holiday for our North American readers – Labor Day was initially to celebrate the workers of USA. With that in mind I thought today we’d take a look at some inspiring workspaces that people have created – take a look at these 30 creative working environments …

Nieuw speeltje 3

Nieuw speeltje 3 by Matthijs H

New Workspace

New Workspace by nkeppol

My new view

My new view by Travis Isaacs

Desk | San Francisco

Desk | San Francisco by blupics

My Workspace at Home

My Workspace at Home by Mohammed Yassin

South Hall Office

South Hall Office by Stewf

Current workspace setup

Current workspace setup by rodrigo.haenggi

The Coal Face 2010 — Mild Bunch HQ

The Coal Face 2010 — Mild Bunch HQ by jontangerine

The completed man cave

The completed man cave by yprime

3x Dell 30″ Monitors – Hot as an oven

3x Dell 30″ Monitors – Hot as an oven by Louish Pixel

Workspace (EXPLORED)

Workspace (EXPLORED) by Theis Kofoed Hjorth

Apple, Ikea, Workspace Setup

Apple, Ikea, Workspace Setup by Vince Welter

Digital Photo Lab (#46099)

Digital Photo Lab (#46099) by mark sebastian

The home workspace

The home workspace by eston

barn studio

barn studio by bgblogging


MY ENTIRE MAC OFFICE SPACE by iBSSR who loves comments on his images

The corner of my workspace

The corner of my workspace by Rsms

Workspace 2012

Workspace 2012 by Paul Mayne

My Home Office!

My Home Office! by LittleBill

Home Office

Home Office by wmeissner

My Home Office III

My Home Office III by TranceMist

Home Studio – Take 2

Home Studio – Take 2 by TranceMist

Home Office 2

Home Office 2 by bbska


MySpace by Risager

Command Bunker

Command Bunker by Allen Elliotte


Workspace by ekai


RANDOM STUDIO by iBSSR who loves comments on his images


IMAC08-006 by nycGRAEME

Home office

Home office by sxates


3 by c a r o l i n e*

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