Canon 5D Mark iv Rumors and Release Date

Canon 5D Mark iv Rumors and Release Date

Well its official the Canon 5D Mark iv announcement has been set for August 25th, 2016.  Granted there is no where near as much hype for this release as the next iphone or Apples’ bi-annual WWDC.  But for us photographers  anytime one of the Big Guns releases a new version of their sacred cow it is exciting!!  You know that feeling you use to get on christmas eve as a kid, yea you know what I mean, thats the feeling.


But like any good product some specs and photos of the Canon 5S Mark 4 have been leaked to anonymous source, just kidding.  Digicame-info claims to have what looks like official product images and specs of the new Canon 5D Mark IV.

The new 5D Mark IV comes with a new 30.4MP sensor, but the big item everyone is talking about is the 4:2:2 8-bit 500Mbps MJPEG video recording, surpassing the previous spec of 4:2:2 8-bit 50Mbps.  On the outside it is going to look and feel very similar to the Canon 5D Mark iii with an added bonus of a touch screen.

As of now it looks like the Mark 4 is going to come in around $3000-$3500, body only.  The 5D Mark iv will come with GPS, full touchscreen, anti-flicker, cFast Technology, and all of the previous 1DX features for autofocus.  The anti-flicker technology hit the scene with the 7D mark ii, basically it adjusts the shutter to accommodate for poor exposure caused by overhead lights flickering.  If you want 4k video from canon you will have to pickup a Canon 1DC or a Canon 1DX Mark II.

The photos below are from Digicame-info





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