Buying Your First Professional Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

If you are new to photography, then there is no real reason to invest a large amount of money into a digital camera. There are plenty of entry-level DSLRs out there that have a ton of great features. Not only that, but despite the hype that has been going on in the past few years, you do not need to have the latest tool to take great photos. A little bit of skill, will balance the lack of features. But what reason could you have to buy a Canon Digital Camera.

For a first Canon professional digital camera, I recommend you look at the Canon 5D Mark II. For starters, it is one of the cheapest properly professional digital camera out there with a huge array of features.

The first element would be the full frame digital sensor. This truly unleashes the power behind the camera and your images will look unbelievable. At times I would even say that no amount of lenses can compensate for such a neat feature. The other big element is the 21.1 Megapixel CMOS Digic sensor employed in the camera.

This generates some unbelievable images in terms of sheer resolution. Note that the real power behind this sensor comes out when you wish to go for larger prints. Using the full 21.1 setting to take a few pictures of your dog jumping into the swimming pool might not exactly do justice to this great sensor. Not only that, but quality will stay excellent no matter how large the print. To get even better quality than this model, you will have to invest thousands of dollars more.

If these reasons to buy a Canon professional digital camera have not convinced you, what if I throw in HD video capture? That is right folks, the Canon 5D Mark II was not developed with this in mind, however, it is able to go for full 1080p HD recording. The output format is MOV and you will see the quality of both the sensor and the lenses in action when you are making your next little clip.

The three available RAW formats allow you to tone down the quality just a smudge when taking casual pictures. If you would ask me why, then just think that a 21 megapixel picture will take up about 25 MB while a smaller sRAW 1 will go for 14.8 MB and the smallest, the sRAW 2 will take up only 10.8 MB. This is excellent since you get the same amount of control over your images, but get the chance to save some storage space.

There are plenty more reason to buy a Canon professional digital camera, but if the above reasons did not convince you to do so, I do not know what might!

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