Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography was created to see the softer and darker side a woman and for the fact that we know deep down all woman love to play dress up. Just because you have gotten older doesn’t mean you don’t like too, you wardrobe has just changed quite a bit.

Boudoir photos are typically taken by a specialized boudoir photography in your area. A normal wedding photographer or other photographer will not know the ins and outs of boudoir photo shoots. You will want to make sure that your photographer is experienced and able to meet the style and type of boudoir photos you want. Most “normal” photographers can take great pictures but lack the experience and knowledge to pull it off properly.



Bridal Boudoir Photography | Bridal Boudoir


Bridal Boudoir photography has gathered a lot of interest in the last few years. The bride to be hires a boudoir photographer and then has a bridal boudoir photo shoot. There the photographer captures the bride in her most sensual and sexiest moments. Then they are wrapped up in a classy look book that she then gives to her groom on the day of their wedding. What a great way to bring even more excitement into your new marriage. Check out our Bridal Boudoir Photography Guide

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Couples Boudoir Photos | Couples Boudoir Photography



Another growing trend as of late is couples boudoir photos. Its not just limited to the ladies now days. Their men can jump in on the action too. Now before we go to far, we are talking about sensual seductive photos here, not the style and image the XXX industry has put out there.Couples Boudoir Photography is meant to capture a relationship the most intimate way possible. The two of you together, in love, staring at each other how only you know how to do, and it is all caught on film and forever cherished by the both of you.Couples Boudoir photos are not only about taking sensual photos. It gives a channel to tell your love affair for each other through photographs. Yes, its different but yet artistic in the same way, share how you have frown in your relationship together. Every image can tell a different part of your journey, a new leaf in your marriage or relationship. Let your couples boudoir shoot reflect how much you love each other.

Plus Size Boudoir Photography

This topic comes up time and time again. You have to be super skinny and look like a supermodel to feel comfortable enough to get undressed for the camera. WRONG!! Over the years I have learned a thing or two and one of the biggest things I have learned is that almost all women fight with insecurities concerning their physical appearance.

From Flickr by Julian King
From flickr by Julian King

Women of all sizes, shapes, ages, etc…. feel negatively about something about their body. It’s a daily struggle for them. I’m here to tell you no matter what your boudoir photographer and boudoir photo shoot will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful than you ever have before.

Pin-up Boudoir | Pinup Boudoir Photography

Pin-up boudoir is a very classy and glamorous style of photography that began well over a hundred years ago. Marilyn Monroe made it super duper popluar back the 50s, we all remember her photo over the air vent right. Pin-up Boudoir has a very flirty, classy, and vintage sexy style to it and it looks great today too. It is totally different from the classy lingerie we are used to seeing in all the other sex boudoir photos out there; it adds a flair of retro and vintage elegance to the pictures.

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Pinup Model: Erika - The Texas Timebomb
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There is one thing most people tend not to realize about Pin-up Boudoir, any idea what it is?? The Pin-up Boudoir style lingerie and outfits exude flirty femininity and have less revealing clothing than normal modern day lingerie.

So if you’re a little more self conscious about your mid section, pin-up boudoir is perfect because the style will cover more of your body but still be incredibly sexy.

Geek Boudoir Photography | Nerdy Girl Boudoir Photos

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Does your man love Star Wars or Super Heroes? What better way to show your affection for him and his passion than dressing up and having a Nerdy Girl Boudoir Shoot. Make it seductive yet fun, Start out with the Geeky glasses, a tie and a nice pair of stockings. Then change into your favorite Super Hero T-shirt and match it with a playful pair of panties and some high heels. Guarantee he will love your new found interest in his beloved hobby or collections.

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