Beginners Guide to the Rule of Thirds

Beginners Guide to the Rule of Thirds

You may have heard of the Rule of Thirds before, it is usually one of the first things that is taught in Photography classes and it is used to help in the composition of your photographs.

What is the Rule of Thirds ?

Quite simply, you divide an image into 3 parts horizontally and vertically like so :

As you are taking your photo, imagine the viewfinder has those lines ( some cameras do have this feature built-in ). You can use where the lines intersect to place points of interest in the photo, such as someone’s head or a feature in the environment :

You can also use the lines themselves to align a feature in the image :

The theory behind using the Rule of Thirds is that it helps to make the picture more balanced – you dont have one object off in a corner and then lots of space around it for example. Studies have been done which show the a person’s eyes are naturally drawn to one of the intersection points when looking at images, rather than the center of it.

Rule of Thirds Examples

Let’s take a look at some good examples of photos which use the Rule of Thirds …

Two equestrian riders

Two equestrian riders by mikebaird

drops of spring

drops of spring by Steve took it

In the Shadow of a Flower

In the Shadow of a Flower by Hamed Saber

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds by fd

Stele Pavilion

Stele Pavilion by ralphrepo

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