Awesome Photographs of Famous Cities At Night

There’s many beautiful cities and towns around the world and they can look even more stunning at night.

To capture a city or town at night may not be as difficult as you first think. You will need a good vantage point, the right weather for the type of shot you want and of course a camera. If you’re looking to take good, crisp, blur-free photos then you are going to need a tripod too.

Some of these awesome photographs below may inspire you to grab your camera and take a few shots of your city or town at night.

Cape Town South Africa by Jakob Wagner

Dusseldorf, Germany by Jakob Wagner

‘Moscow at night’ by akk_rus

‘Dubai at night’ by Dominic Scaglioni

New York by Jakob Wagner

‘Perth City at night’ by Robert Whitehead

Boston by ReneS

New York USA by Jakob Wagner

‘Santiago’ by @panchowatkins

Valparaiso at night by Steve A Johnson

Dubai UAE by Jakob Wagner

Tower Bridge, London UK by Duncan

Cape Town, South Africa by Jakob Wagner

Sheffield, UK by Sheffied Tiger

Kuala Lumpur by trevphotos

Kiev Ukraine by Mourner

New York, USA by Jakob Wagner

Seattle, Washington, USA by Wonderlane

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