Amazing still Life Photographs? Actually They’re Acrylic Paintings

These amazing images below may look like photographs, but they are in fact highly detailed acrylic paintings by Canadian artist Jason de Graaf.

”Born in Motreal, Canada, in 1971, Mr de Graaf currently lives and works in Oka, Quebec, where he works for hours on end in almost total isolation to complete his intricate pieces.

He first photographs his still life compositions, before drawing them on to canvas with pencil then painstakingly recreating the images – coloured by his own interpretation – with acrylic paints over many days.

From 1993-1996 Mr de Graaf studied illustration at Dawson College in Montreal. After years of full-time and part-time illustration work, he has devoted himself entirely to painting since 2005.

He cites diverse influences ranging from M.C. Escher to Johannes Vermeer, but says that watching a local illustrator demonstrate painting with acrylics inspired him to develop his unique style.”

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