Amateur photographer Keith Trueman’s remarkable close-up shots of insects

Amateur photographer Keith Trueman started getting into photography only three years ago, but he’s already taking some pretty amazing macro shots of insects.

Keith Trueman, from Braunton, in North Devon, hunts for the insects around his garden or around the local country park – and sometimes even invites the insects into his kitchen for their own personal photoshoot.

Keith uses a Canon 7D camera, as well as a variety of macro-lenses to get his close-ups.

When he’s not concentrating on the lives of bugs, he also captures close-up images of water-drops and landscapes around North Devon.

Keith’s eye for detail has already landed him praise – winning local and online photography competitions, which has led to his work being published in Photography Plus, Practical Photography, and Digital Photography magazines.

He added: ‘My best advice for people starting out is to find information on the internet – there’s a wealth of data out there which can help people get started, and get better’.

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