Adobe’s new Photoshop Elements 11

Adobe has released the latest version of their imaging editing software; Photoshop Elements 11 and premiere Elements 11.

Is it going to be radically different to the previous versions? with improved and different features? it will need to be, in order for people give up their earlier versions and go out and buy it.

One of my complaints (and many others too) on the earlier versions was the hard-to-read text on a very dark IU. So, has that changed?

Well, apparently yes; Elements 11 uses a light grey background with large type. But what else has changed?

Adobe said that it has introduced a “completely refreshed, user-friendly interface“, featuring the same engine as its more complex and professional Adobe Photoshop application.

‘The new features include easier to navigate ‘Quick’, ‘Guided’ and ‘Expert’ editing modes, one-click options and a more helpful ‘Action’ bar, as well as bigger, bolder icons to “help users get the most from their shots”.

Photos can now be organised based on people, events or places via Google Maps’ geotagging service, and new ‘Guided Edits’ make professional level effects such as tilt-shift, vignettes and high and low-key easier to create.

The Photoshop Elements update also brings a host of new filters bundled in the package, such as ‘Comic’, ‘Graphic Novel’ and ‘Pen & Ink’ to turn images into illustrations”


Both new versions of the software application are available to purchase online or at retail stores, priced at £119.14 for the double bundle or £79.10 each. Both can run on either Mac OS X or Windows operating systems.

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