7 Tips for Shooting Scary & Fun Photographs on Halloween

7 Tips for Shooting Scary & Fun Photographs on Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us which gives Photographers some great opportunities for going out and shooting some great fun photographs. Houses are decorated, pumpkins are carved and people are dressed up for the occasion, use this night to capture some unusual shots. We present you, our tips for photographing Halloween …

1. Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins or “Jack-o-Lanterns” are the classic Halloween decoration so try and grab a few shots of these if you seem them out and about, or why not try your hand at carving your own? Don’t use your flash when shooting these – use the light from within the Pumpkin as the source as this will make the features stand out more. Take a look at our roundup post, 25 Smashing ( Photos of ) Pumpkins if you need some inspiration.

Art-o-lantern by smashz

2. Scary Locations

If you fancy venturing out to some locations at night time then you can could capture a classic eery photo. Some locations you could try (if you dare) are graveyards, abandoned warehouses, old churches, industrial locations etc. As you will be shooting in low light, don’t forget your tripod and you could also try “painting” light on to features using a torch.

Dead Cities by mugley

3. Young Monsters

Halloween is for the children and they love dressing up for the occasion so get your familiy / friend’s children involved in your photography by snapping them in their Halloween outfits.


Hulk by sponselli

4. Adult Costumes

Adults seem to love dressing up for Halloween parties as well, if you’re invited to any Halloween parties its an ideal chance to grab some good photos of your friends. Rather than taking photos of people posing, try capturing some candid snaps by keeping your camera down and waiting till people have forgotten about it and quickly capturing shots of them talking and laughing.

Bumblebee and flight attendant by San Diego Shooter

5. Lighting

Halloween is a perfect time to try out some creative lighting. You could use the light from candles to illuminate people’s faces or try getting them to hold a torch down under their face. You could invest in some colored glow sticks and try placing these around your subject for a colored glow. If you are using your flash you could try taping some colored sellophane over it.

I only Harvest some. by kern.justin

6. Get in Close

When shooting objects or people, try using aperture priority and use a wide aperture of around f/5.6 to make the background blurred and draw attention to the subject of the photo.

~~~ by John Althouse Cohen

7. Different Angles

As the subject of your photos is out of the ordinary, you could add some more interest to the photo by shooting from extreme angles. Shoot from above or below or even from a ladder looking down. Combine the unusual angle with some creative lighting to really make it a unique Halloween shot.

jack skellington and the corpse bride apply their halloween costume makeup by sean dreilinger

Hopefully that has given you some ideas for your photography this Halloween – if you have any more tips, please share them with our readers in the comments …