60 Beauty Retouching Photoshop Tutorials

60 Beauty Retouching Photoshop Tutorials

Do you love taking photos and capturing all the memories on and emotions during the photoshoot?  But once you get back to the office you dread the post photoshoot editing?  Well we are here to help today.  We have rounded up 60 beauty-retouching photoshop tutorials to help you speed up your post work processing.

Now sometimes we know the photo you saw with your eyes during the shoot doesn’t always look like what you see when you get it back to the computer.  But don’t worry luckily photoshop can help you transform that mediocre photo into a masterpiece in no time.  You can:

  • smooth out skin
  • replace blemishes
  • make silky shiny hair
  • and even whiten teeth

To help you further save more time we have gathered up 50 photoshop tutorials on beauty-retouching for you to learn.  These photoshop techniques and strategies show you how to make your photos even better.  In the tutorials below you will find step-by-step guides as well as video guides.  They are simple tips you can follow along with in photoshop.

All about beauty retouching and how to use adjustment layers, lighting, dodging and burning, and frequency separation to create stunning skin tones.

Ultimate Guide to Beauty


3 Techniques for Retouching Skin

Learn three great techniques for retouching skin in Adobe Photoshop. And two quick tips that you can apply with all techniques to put a final polish on retouched skin.


How to Retouch and Airbrush Skin in Photoshop

How to retouch skin professionally in Photoshop without making it look fake or blurry.


Using Frequency Separation in Photoshop

Take a look at the technique of frequency separation, including how it works and how it can improve skin.


Easily Smooth And Soften Skin

How to smooth and soften skin in Photoshop without blurring out important image details.


How to select skin tones in Photoshop

Select a model’s skin tones in Photoshop in just a few quick clicks. Adjust hue, brightness or skin texture.


Create a Porcelain Skin Effect in Photoshop

Create a porcelain skin effect using a portrait of a woman and Photoshop’s blending modes.


How to make Glamour Skin Glow

Smooth skin and hide blemishes and give a glamour look on photo.


Retouching Portraits in Photoshop

This tutorial shows you how to spot heal blemishes in the skin.


Softening Skin & Adding Texture Back

Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques in Adobe Photoshop with Softening Effect.


How to Create a Porcelain Skin Effect

Create this stunning porcelain skin effect with non-destructive method of photo editing.


Photoshop tutorial: Wrinkle reduction

Some easy ways you can use channels to produces the smoothest skin.


Airbrushing Skin Photoshop Tutorial

How to make skin look healthy without looking plastic or blurred.


Skin Retouching Photoshop 

Heal, mattify, and airbrush skin by painting over the skin areas that you want to retouch.


Easy Facial Retouch using Photoshop

Use Quick Mask with Brush Tool to select the skin and make the skin texture more uniform.


Skin Retouching Tutorial

A quick Skin Retouching Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop.


Shadows – Photoshop Retouching

Add detail-enhancing effects to your images

Go through three very common ways to make local color and tone adjustments.


Black & White Is the Key to Better Color

Convert your photo temporarily to black and white and perform some editing to make your photographs more appealing in color.


Shadow Recovery of Backlight Problem

Two ways to fix backlight problems in Photoshop: first avoid this problem and second fix it quick.


Pro techniques for Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

Advanced techniques for Dodge and Burn in Photoshop which use Curves adjustment layers


The Ultimate Guide to the Dodge & Burn Technique 

Variations for the Dodge & Burn technique in Photoshop. The fundamentals and tools.



How to Master Hair Issues

An in depth look at how to fix hair and skin issues with texture grafting.


How to change hair colour in Photoshop

How to use Photoshop to change hair colour, lighten hair colour, tint hair colour and create Ombre hair effects.


How to retouch Hair in Photoshop

Fill in areas that are missing hair and cleaning up dark streaks in the hair to start to get a very smooth finish to the hair.


3 Ways to Retouch Fly-Away Hair

Three techniques that will give you options when tackling strands of hair while keeping the final result natural-looking.


Skin and Hair Retouching with Photoshop

The first thing you do when editing a photo is retouch the Skin and Hair.


How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Change hair color in such a manner that it looks like natural hair color.


Creating Facial Hair in Photoshop

Create a custom brush to paint facial hair whether for fun or for professional retouching.


Inverted High Pass

Use inverted high pass to smooth an area of skin or anything including fabrics and seamless backdrops.


Selecting & Extracting Hair

Create a mask to extract hair in Adobe Photoshop.


Eyes, mouth and teeth

Eye Color Change

Go through a very easy process of changing the color of the eyes.


Bright Eyes Effect

Get some light in eyes with this photoshop action and a mask.


How to fix lipstick and correct lip lines

How you can correct the lip line in Photoshop using a mixture of cloning techniques.


Glossy Lips in 2 Minutes

Glossing up the lips with a dodge and burn layer.


Changing Lip Shade in Photoshop

Making the lips stand out by shifting the shade of the lip color, brightening the natural highlights.


How To Whiten And Brighten Teeth

How to easily whiten and brighten teeth in Photoshop using a simple Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.


How to whiten teeth in Photoshop

Make yellow teeth look white again and giving your portrait the perfect smile.


2 Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Look at two different methods to whitening teeth in Photoshop.


How to fix and whiten Teeth

Clean teeth by creating 3 different layers and the use of some blending modes.


Eye Sharpening – Photoshop Tutorial

With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes



Amy Dresser

Amy has been a full-time photoshop retoucher since early 2000.


Natalia Taffarel

Certified Adobe Expert with great skills.


Vitaly Druchinin

Author and High End Retoucher.


Krunoslav Stifter

High End Retoucher from Croatia.



Web developer and designer since 2002.


Complete Workflow

The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching

A combination of techniques that results in beautiful, smooth skin that still looks totally real.


How to Enhance & Retouch an Image 

Some great enhancing and retouching techniques.


Retouch photos with realistic perfect skin

Removing blemishes from photos without making models look plastic and unreal.


My Beauty Retouching Workflow

The main steps of a retouching process, from exporting images from a RAW Converter to polishing them up before publishing.


Beautify a Face 

Fix skin, remove blemishes and wrinkles, whiten and fix teeth, fix hair, fix eyebrows and increase definition in the eyes.


More beauty

Adding a Realistic Tattoo

Adding a tattoo to an image while making it look like it’s really a part of the original photo.


Photographic Toning Retouch Method

Create this effect from experimenting with other adjustment tools.


Easy Digital Nose Job

Learn how incredibly easy it is to give someone a digital nose job.


Digital Nip Tuck

How to do your own plastic surgery with a nose job.


5 Really Easy, Yet Essential Photo Retouch Techniques

5 very simple, however very important techniques for Photoshop beginners when it comes to photo retouch.


Fairy Night

How to correct the photos colors, change the eyes color, work with the layers, applying ready brushes and designs.


How To Use Face-Aware Liquify

Learn all about the new Face-Aware Liquify feature in Photoshop CC.


Retouch a Model Portrait with Flawless Natural Skin

How to make a glamour retouch for a model portrait in Photoshop.


Photoshop Tutorial: Frequency Separation

How to do Frequency Separation for Retouching a Portrait.



High End Beauty Retouch

A complete 1hr 24min High End Beauty Retouch.


Let us know what your favorite Beauty Retouching photoshop tutorial was in the comments below.