5 Simple Tricks for Food Photography with Low Light

5 Simple Tricks for Food Photography with Low Light


With smart phones taking over the marketplace and everyone snapping pictures of there favorite meal.  Or even worse you have that friend who constantly take pictures of everything they eat and flood your social media feed with them, like you need to see everything they eat.  I figured it was time WE SHINED A LIGHT ON DARK FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!!  Haha get it Shine a Light ;).  That was funny and you know it.

Seriously though we are going to start a new series on Food Photography.  The Series dedicated to food photography is going to highlight some of the best tips and tricks we have learned here at the Photographic Blog as well as some of the best tips we have found on the net.  So stay tuned for more great content.

For now we are going to jump in and start off the series with 5 simple Tricks for Food Photography with Low Light.  What better way to start off then with some videos.  I stumbled upon these videos the other day and wanted to share them with you, as I feel like they offer some basic tips you can take action on today with.

Image Source: cheekykitchen.com

To Summarize the Five Essentials you need to create a great Dark Food Photography Shots are

  • Dark Baseboard or Floor board – Can be made from a painted aluminum panel or wood panel
  • Dark Backdrop – Made from same material as your Floor board
  • Two Black Foam Boards on either side to help direct the light toward your food
  • Last is Natural light from a window

Here are some photos from the video –

Image Source: cheekykitchen.com
Image Source: cheekykitchen.com


Image Source: cheekykitchen.com

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