30 Interesting & Entertaining Photos Taken at The Circus

If you have the chance to visit a circus then you are guaranteed loads of great photo opportunites, from the brightly colored tents to the performing acts, animals and strange characters you may encounter. Why not take the time to visit one and see what you can capture? Today’s post is a selection of great photos that people have taken at the circus so take a look and use these for inspiration …

Big wheel

Big wheel by kevin dooley

Great Flexibility !

Great Flexibility ! by khalid almasoud

Luis and the Balloons

Luis and the Balloons by Thomas Hawk


Circus by on1stsite.


Stilts by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton


Harlequin by Michelle Brea

Zirkus – circus

Zirkus – circus by def110

Vita da circo #1

Vita da circo #1 by Funky64 (www.lucarossato.com)


Pagliacci by Diogo A. Figueira

Circus – Zirkus Charles Knie

Circus – Zirkus Charles Knie by def110

Round and Round

Round and Round by bitzcelt

tattoo’d lady

tattoo’d lady by dontshoot.me!

Circus Smirkus – Waiting Backstage

Circus Smirkus – Waiting Backstage by hbp_pix

Hoje tem marmelada?

Hoje tem marmelada? by Diogo A. Figueira


…circus by dhammza


Malabares by Diogo A. Figueira

Circus Smirkus

Circus Smirkus by hbp_pix

Giant with stripes and 6 horns

Giant with stripes and 6 horns by Chickens in the Trees (vns2009)

The magic of the circus

The magic of the circus by [bastian.]

Big Apple Circus – White Stallions

Big Apple Circus – White Stallions by Bob Jagendorf

Joy & Trish – Ringling Clowns

Joy & Trish – Ringling Clowns by hbp_pix

_MG_7866 – Clown

_MG_7866 – Clown by Tim Farris Photographer

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town by Mark J P


Bumbershoot by mr. nightshade

Silvia Pavone- Atma

Silvia Pavone- Atma by Silvia Pavone


pyromania by onemark

Zany Guitarist

Zany Guitarist by elston


Carousel by Javier Corbo

Circus Renz, Holland

Circus Renz, Holland by dirkjanranzijn

Circus Herman Renz, Holland 2009

Circus Herman Renz, Holland 2009 by dirkjanranzijn

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