25 Traditional, Thoughtfull & Festive Photos of Christmas Time (Part1)


Christmas time is fast approaching which is an excellent time to get shooting as family and friends come together for drinks, meals and sharing of gifts. With some preparation you can grab some great shots – we’ll look at some tips for shooting at christmas time soon, but first lets get some inspiration and take a look at some great shots taken by the photographers on Flickr.com …

Santa Lulu Reacts to Your Christmas Request with Alarm

Santa Lulu Reacts to Your Christmas Request with Alarm by garlandcannon (on hiatus)


Gingerbread by Stuck in Customs

The magic of Christmas bokeh

The magic of Christmas bokeh by kevin dooley

Christmas Time

Christmas Time by andywon

… happy holidays …!!!

… happy holidays …!!!┬áby Denis Collette…!!!

christmas in a theater

christmas in a theater by zoomyboy.com

Grotto of the Nativity

Grotto of the Nativity by Christopher Chan

Miska Noel ­čśŤ

Miska Noel ­čśŤ┬áby celinda

baby fratelli! (88/365)

baby fratelli! (88/365) by alexis mire

The Holly w/o the Ivy

The Holly w/o the Ivy by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

Candy Cane Curve

Candy Cane Curve by TPorter2006

Christmas in Blue

Christmas in Blue by Eustaquio Santimano


Untitled by Barry Yanowitz


Snowflakes. by Andy.Schultz

Main Street Holiday Magic

Main Street Holiday Magic by andy castro

there’s always tomorrow [Explored!]

there’s always tomorrow [Explored!]┬áby Shandi-lee

The purple building

The purple building by {e u g e n e}

Magic Kingdom Toy Soldiers

Magic Kingdom Toy Soldiers by Tom.Bricker

Off the frame

Off the frame by Alex Dram

bright lights

bright lights by open-arms

Where is the spirit of Christmas ?

Where is the spirit of Christmas ? by Gilderic Photography

Welcome to Marina Bay Promenade Singapore…

Welcome to Marina Bay Promenade Singapore…┬áby williamcho


Truro_Z11190 by Ennor

Sterne – Stars

Sterne – Stars┬áby Gertrud K.

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad by duane.schoon


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