25 Liquid Splashes and Droplets Caught with a Fast Shutter Speed

Timing is everything with this sort of photography – capturing liquid in mid drop or splash can be difficult. You need to use a fast shutter speed to eliminate any blurring – one method of capturing the action is to use a PhotoTrigger which will operate your shutter for you based on a noise or light. Let’s take a look at 25 great examples of this type of photography …

strawberry splash

strawberry splash by andi.vs.zf

ed hardy & splash one I

ed hardy & splash one I by dongga BS

Flying Milk

Flying Milk by Chaval Brasil


Title? by Chaval Brasil

purple splash

purple splash by andi.vs.zf

Splishy splashy

Splishy splashy by -mrsraggle-

Happy birthday Daddy !

Happy birthday Daddy ! by Sylvain_Latouche

Floating Marble

Floating Marble by spettacolopuro

[Advent Calendar – day 12/25] – This one was necessary

[Advent Calendar – day 12/25] – This one was necessary by Sylvain_Latouche

Caffeine Rush.

Caffeine Rush. by Logan Brumm Photography and Design

H 2 Oh!?

H 2 Oh!? by laszlo-photo

Big Crown

Big Crown by AHMED…

Drop in a Dime

Drop in a Dime by Chaval Brasil


Ripples by Chaval Brasil


Eruption by spettacolopuro

Strawberries in milk

Strawberries in milk by R’eyes

Orange Lemon

Orange Lemon by 96dpi

Square Splash

Square Splash by moriza

Splash & Tirami – Su

Splash & Tirami – Su by dongga BS

Orb of Life

Orb of Life by jaxxon

Coffee & Splash

Coffee & Splash by dongga BS

Do You Dream In Color?

Do You Dream In Color? by Peter E. Lee

orange crush

orange crush by atomicshark

Make a splash wherever you go!

Make a splash wherever you go! by Vikram Vetrivel

toxic green

toxic green by andi.vs.zf

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