25 Interesting and Unusual Photos of Street Vendors

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In today’s post I am returning to one of my favourite phorographic subjects and that is street photography, I previously covered black and white street photography and candid street photography and also Street Performers.

Today is a different spin and I will be rounding up some great examples of street photography again, but this time looking at street vendors – that is people selling food, drink and other items around the world. Working this sort of job and dealing with the public all day tends to produce great characters so there’s some good opportunities for interesting photos, make sure you get permission and buy something from them if this sort of photography interests you!

So here we go, 25 Interesting and Unusual Photos of Street Vendors …

Stopping for a snack on the way to Agra

Stopping for a snack on the way to Agra by Stuck in Customs

Day 7 ~ Ha Noi, my love

Day 7 ~ Ha Noi, my love by bichxa


clipped by .the guarded eye.

Illustrated Vendor

Illustrated Vendor by BBluesman

Chinese Fast Food

Chinese Fast Food by Jonathan Kos-Read

kitchen supplies

kitchen supplies by .the guarded eye.

new york street XV

new york street XV by .the guarded eye.


Espressomanden by Mikael Colville-Andersen

Street vendor

Street vendor by guuleed

Street Stall

Street Stall by HKmPUA

Inside the medina of Marrakech

Inside the medina of Marrakech by kali.ma

Street food shopping – Singapore

Street food shopping – Singapore by Daran Kandasamy

Potatoes & Eggs

Potatoes & Eggs by ROSS HONG KONG

The Essence

The Essence by moriza


Untitled by bichxa

Guitars for Sale

Guitars for Sale by Brian Auer

Hard Not to Get Hungry Walking Bangkok Street

Hard Not to Get Hungry Walking Bangkok Street by Captain Kimo

DGJ_2153 – Capo Street Market

DGJ_2153 – Capo Street Market by archer10 (Dennis)

Ughagamandalam, November 2010

Ughagamandalam, November 2010 by Michael Sissons

Oranges …. anyone?

Oranges …. anyone? by johey24

Dry Fruit Wala

Dry Fruit Wala by Umair Mohsin

Berber women

Berber women by zz77


Browsing by amirjina


Untitled by erin m

India – Chennai – banana vendors

India – Chennai – banana vendors by mckaysavage


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