25 Great Photographs of People Playing Guitars

25 Great Photographs of People Playing Guitars

Musical instruments and people playing theme can make great shots – check out this post we did about live concerts, some excellent photos. I thought Id revisit the subject but this time just focus on guitars and people playing guitars.

Jan 3rd – Can you imagine…

Jan 3rd – Can you imagine… by Sylvain_Latouche

So Long, Lonesome. 025/365

So Long, Lonesome. 025/365 by Lambholic ▲

doors to my world

doors to my world by graziedavvero

The Bass Department [Explored 4/4]

The Bass Department [Explored 4/4] by spaceabstract

Ilusión centesimal

Ilusión centesimal by Insomnia PHT

Quotes – 19/60

Quotes – 19/60 by B.Romain

Now That the Holidays Are Gone

Now That the Holidays Are Gone by Thomas Hawk

Living the Blues

Living the Blues by Thomas Hawk


chippe’ by notsogoodphotography

New Old Guitar

New Old Guitar by stephcarter


Bohemian by catbagan

Feeling Fender

Feeling Fender by nailbender


Meloni by torpore

De-Myth vocalist-lead guitar

De-Myth vocalist-lead guitar by notsogoodphotography


Spotlight. by Insomnia PHT

Week 9/52: The Bass Guitar

Week 9/52: The Bass Guitar by ~jjjohn~

I used to be a Banker.

I used to be a Banker. by Neil.payday loans online Moralee


Untitled by Luis Hernandez – D2k6.es


Runaway by Spencer Finnley

The Gilded Id of Song

The Gilded Id of Song by blank array


Kiuas by Hani Amir

Morning Guitar

Morning Guitar by lakewentworth

Guitar [1]

Guitar [1] by Яick Harris


Playing by Toni Blay

Tune up

Tune up by …-Wink-…